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Yoga With Thrive//

I Bounced Back from Burnout to Find Balance

by Samanta Duggal

How I Defeated Disease, Depression And Turned My Life Around

by Preeti Hoon

Finding his ‘WHY’ helped Trishul Chinnappa Play Better Golf

by Trishul Chinnappa
President of IAN Padmaja Ruparel takes a question at the TiE Global Summit in November 2018. Photo: TiE Delhi

Morning Rituals That Power Padmaja Ruparel’s Days

by Kuheli Sen
The warrior pose makes the yogi feel like they are battling to live their best life, and emerging victorious in the end.

Have You Tuned in to the Happiness Routine

by Sarvesh Shashi
Anu Aga seen here with daughter Meher Pudumjee who currently helms the Rs 830-crore Thermax Ltd.

Meditation Helps Anu Aga Remain Calm Even When Things Don’t Go Her Way

by Anu Aga
Beginning the day with meditation and prayers helps Accenture's Amit Mehra stay focussed and be more productive.
Yoga With Thrive//

How Accenture’s Amit Mehra Doubles His Productivity And Well-Being

by Thrive Global India
While there are many pluses of living in a big city like Mumbai, many increasingly find it difficult to manage the stresses that come with it.

Seven Ways I Cope With the Stress of Living in a Metropolitan City

by Aditi Johar Mirchandani
Beating Burnout//

Rewire Your Brain for the Extraordinary

by Pete Wilkins
According to Deanne Panday, when primary food (healthy relationships, regular physical activity, a fulfilling career and a spiritual practice) is balanced and satiating, your life feeds you, making what you eat secondary.

Find Your Ikigai for Holistic Well-Being

by Apoorva Mittal

How I Found My Way out of a Crippling Depression

by Milind Deora

Why Meditation Makes You Happy

by Sarvesh Shashi