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A Yogi’s Way to Effective Sleep

by Sadhguru

How to Thrive As an Entrepreneur

by Varun Gera
Stop taking gadgets to bed! Switching off the phone earlier every night reduces risk of long-term cardiovascular disease. Exposure to the blue light emitted from the screen blocks secretion of melatonin necessary for a good night’s sleep.

Take This Microstep for Change

by Dr. Marcus Ranney

Well-Being is Your Journey, Done Your Way

by Dr. Marcus Ranney

Stress: What Works, What Doesn’t

by Lene Søvold

How I Defeated Disease, Depression And Turned My Life Around

by Preeti Hoon

How Sleep And Exercise Changed Rishad Premji’s Life

by Kuheli Sen
Take every opportunity to exercise. Even opting for the stairs instead of taking the elevator can make a positive impact on health.

How to Keep the Doctor Away: Advice from Healthcare Professionals

by Kuheli Sen
Waking up well before you start work means you can set an easy pace for the beginning of the day. Sit around, prepare and eat breakfast slowly, just as Sadia Saeed advocates.

Why This Practising Psychologist Reminds Herself to Breathe

by Thrive Global India

Why a Corporate Lawyer Gave up a High-Paying Career For a Dream

by Sohrab Khushrushahi

The Secrets to Headache-Free Travel While on a Restricted Diet

by Scott Sundvor
Besides opening up a world of knowledge, finding time to read is key to destressing.

IVF Expert Dr Malpani’s Four Easy Keep Fit Fixes

by Dr Aniruddha Malpani