Coronavirus anxiety

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View of Rishikesh from Guder Village. Photo Shubham Rawat/ Unsplash
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It Took a Virus to Teach us a Simple Lesson

by Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati
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More Than Just a Respiratory Ailment, a Psychological Lockdown

by Minal Jagtiani
Corona Warriors//

How Music Affects the Mind Laden with Fears of Corona

by Dr Veena Pandit
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Is the Lockdown Sucking Your Motivation?

by Amita S. Nathwani
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What is the Positive in Annus Horribilis

by Thrive Global India
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6 Ways to Manage Burnout in a Difficult Economic Environment

by Shubika Bilkha
Photos by Ishita Thakur
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How Cooking Can Save You This Quarantine

by Ishita Thakur
A new world order is in place as the most immediate fallout of the Coronavirus pandemic. Illustration by Freepik
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Do You Grapple with Lockdown or Float on Tranquility as You Journey within?

by Rudrakshi Warikoo
Photo by Surbhee Grover
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Post Covid-19: Shake-out of the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

by Surbhee Grover, Naseem Sayani, Karen Hunter
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How to Reframe Anxiety and Reduce Stress in Challenging Times

by Elaine Lipworth
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3 Behaviours that Set True Leaders Apart in a Crisis

by Piyush Suri
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Corona Warriors//

Physicians’ Guide to Caring for Psychological Well-being of Patients During the Coronavirus Pandemic

by Department of Psychiatry