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Members of the last panel of the day (from left) Shilpa Shetty, Milind Deora and Matthew Spacie exchanging notes before their session.
Peak Performance ILS//

Leaders Show the Way to Peak Performance

by Thrive Global India
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Enhance Your Efficiency in 3 Ways

by Ashu Khanna
Sharing personal experiences is cathartic, enables real conversations and makes navigating relationships much easier—knowing you're not alone. Illustration by Vanshika Swaika, an experience designer by day and hand letterer by night. She dabbles in illustrations, and finds herself contour drawing people on the Mumbai local. You can find her @ vanshikaswaikadotcom on Instagram.
Navigating Relationships//

Why I Share: It’s Not Brave. It’s Necessary

by Abhilasha Khaitan
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Sleeping well is all about the night and dreaming big is all about the day

by Shelly Ibach
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Do the Least You Can Do

by Luis Miranda
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Why Changing the Way You Ask Questions Can Make You More Successful

by Thrive Global

7 Ways to Thrive and Survive at Work

by Ronita Mukerjee

Making Personal Connections Helps to Thrive Every Day

by Lulu Raghavan