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Why Your Bath Towel Matters

A bath towel doesn’t just dry you off, it pampers your body. And with new innovation, it can further enhance your bathing experience.

Photo courtesy SPACES
Photo courtesy SPACES

We hate…Towels that don’t absorb water properly

Towels that are stiff and heavy 

Towels that don’t keep odour away

Towels that are too thin and flimsy

Towels that are too thick and take too long to dry

Bath towels are the most important accessory in your bathroom—and these passionate complaints explain why. But it’s not just about personal choice because heavy, damp towels on the bathroom rack (or the floor) can not only be unpleasant to look at, or use, but also dangerous for your health.

A common, uncared for, bath towel might have bacteria and fungus growing on it. While regular washing might help, it can also rid an average towel of its absorption powers or softness.

What’s the solution? Towels made innovatively that can look after—and exceed— all your needs. 

The latest innovation in comfort

When you’re investing in towels, you deserve both softness and durability. You shouldn’t have to buy three separate towels to ensure that they are soft and plush, absorb water the fastest, and last the longest. 

Photo courtesy SPACES

However, buying a towel with all the qualities you desire might seem like an impossible task with multiple pros and cons. When people want to buy towels that are highly absorbent, they pick thick towels. These, in turn, use a lot of water to wash and dry slowly. The other towels might be too thin or flimsy, or simply of poor quality.

Can there be towels that tick all the right boxes? Bath towels that are soft, absorbent, and durable enough to withstand multiple trips through the washing machine. SPACES towels are just that. 

They are stitched with care and made keeping the latest innovation, needs and comfort in mind. Crafted using Welspun’s proprietary spinning technology, these towels get better with each wash. 

The secret? Hygrocotton

Photo courtesy SPACES

Plush towels don’t just have to adorn hotel suites. They can be in your bathrooms!

SPACES plush towels are made with patented spinning technology using a hollow core cotton yarn (Hygro) and are called Hygrocotton towels. Hygrocotton is superior than other materials. These towels dry quicker and bloom to become loftier and softer wash after wash. 

A good, soft towel is all about how it feels and you can distinguish between towels by feeling them blindly. SPACES towels not only feel good, they do much more: they facilitate temperature by keeping you warmer in the winters and cooler in the summers. 

Not only this, Hygrocotton ensures that despite long and repeated use, towels become fluffier as they continue to absorb more after every wash. It’s also easier on the environment. Hygrocotton simply wicks away the moisture and therefore needs less time in the dryer—saving energy. 

With these plump, fluffy and soft towels, SPACES’ innovative technology is enhancing and elevating an important space in your life: your home and bathroom. 

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