New Normal//

When the Going Gets Tough…

Here’s an ode to the timeless expression which has found a new meaning in these turbulent times.

Photo by Gabrielle Henderson/ Unsplash
Photo by Gabrielle Henderson/ Unsplash
We all have our moments of doubt, 
When everything you believe in
Looks like a big farce 
Or everything you have 
Seems to be slipping away 
When the going gets tough 
And you don't know where you are going 
You need to break the negative block 
My next move is always an investment 
An investment in my karma 
Almost with the vested interest 
Of getting my returns
In the long run 
Trying to just be there for a friend
Or praying for your loved one 
Just anything 
Anything that you do from which you gain nothing 
But a huge sense of oneness by being there for someone 
Being a brick in the wall that someone leans on
You just lend yourself towards a good cause 
Take the smallest step towards the circle of positivity 
I have some beliefs that are carved in stone 
One of them is this 
To indulge in the act of giving, 
Whatever you have within your power, 
To another person or his situation 
In some cases 
You may not ever get to see
That person reciprocate 
May be they don't even see, understand or appreciate the worth of your effort 
But also carved in stone is my belief 
That if you do good 
Good comes to you 
Good happens to you 
May be from someone you least expected it 
Or at a time you most need it 
The energy of life
Positives and negatives 
Move in circles 
You may be at a point today
From where all things good look to be at the far end 
But it's coming to you 
And it has to 
you can pace up 
Just extend your heart out to another being in need 
And you'll find yourself in happy space once again 
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