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There Is No Reason For Us to Whine and Crib: Sadhguru Speaks

“Thrive means life is happening full-scale. Is that happening to you right now,” Thrive Global India’s guest editor asks as he talks about inspiration, hope and valuing individuals for who they are.

“You’re cribbing. You’re whining. For what?” asks Thrive Global India’s guest editor Sadhguru in response to our question on hope. “We [humanity] have more comforts than any generation ever before…our survival is so well organised today.” Of course, there is pain over inequity, he admits, but “for the first time in the history of humanity, we can move a large mass of population from one level of living to another through a democratic process”, he says, referring to the 200-million-plus population that moved out from below the poverty line in India over the last decade.

India’s famed yogi, mystic and best-selling author isn’t either a pessimist or an optimist, he tells Thrive Global India during the course of an interview that, as you will see and hear in the video above, couldn’t be conducted in the most noise-proof setting! However, Sadhguru’s calm and humour made for a riveting conversation on issues that concern all individuals.

Inspiration, for instance, often isn’t as easy to sustain as it is to find, we said to him. His answer was simple: “If everybody realizes the significance of what they are doing, and how it is impacting others, they will do that activity with great joy and involvement. They will not need anybody to set fire to them from the outside.”

This self-reliance for hope and motivation is an imperative, he says. That leaves no room to either look up to anyone or don’t down on them either. “…we have set up hierarchies in our lives,” he points out, that prevents us from seeing people for who they are and giving them the value they deserve.

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