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Take Care of Yourself, it is the Key to Motivation and Productivity at Work

Take cues from how top leadership Thrive in difficult times.

Take periodic breaks to recharge. Photo by Yanalya/ Freepik
Take periodic breaks to recharge. Photo by Yanalya/ Freepik

I have always believed that the key to health is a good mind and body axis. After all, good health means a healthy body and a sound mind. This led me to believe that we human beings can be thought of as being similar to machines, with their core components being the body and brain/mind. The body is like the engine and the mind is like its sensor or processing chip. It is important to ensure that both function in complete unison for a person to be healthy and in turn be more productive. 

Like parts of a machine need regular oiling and maintenance as well as downtime to ensure that the machine doesn’t break down, we need it as well. For us, breakdowns only happen when we feel low on energy and are emotionally drained, leaving us often exhausted both mentally and physically. We spend at least 60 per cent of our day at work and how we tend to ourselves during this period determines our well-being, both on a personal and professional level. 

Below are some of my suggestions and what I personally practise as well. I hope they work for you as well: 

It’s okay to take a break

I’m sure there are many who feel that they are super busy with work, which according to them if they don’t finish in time the entire company may just stop functioning. I appreciate your dedication towards your work, but it’s equally important to take a few breaks to recharge yourself. Hence, don’t be glued to your seat literally and ensure that you move around a bit, take a stroll and if possible do some exercises at your desk/makeshift desk at home. 

Since I’m working from home these days, I really like going to the balcony and breathing in some fresh air in-between my work, looking at nature around me and the beautiful birds which are returning to the urban areas. These breaks help you feel revived and refreshed, and you can restart your work with renewed vigour, and this usually helps generate fresh ideas and different perspectives to a problem you may be stuck with earlier. 

Hydrate well to maintain your energy levels

Hydrate frequently with water and juices. Photo by Alex Azabache/ Pexels

Many of us are aware, how water plays an important role in maintaining hydration, energy and immunity. Irrespective of that, while concentrating at work, people forget to drink enough water and it affects their productivity as they don’t have the energy to focus on work at hand. 

With the onset of summer, it’s even more important to hydrate yourself well. Apart from the advisable intake of water, during this season I really enjoy a refreshing drink of a lemonade or coconut water. It not only gives you necessary electrolytes, but also has a calming effect on you and gives you clarity of thought. In fact, while most of us are working from home, take it as an opportunity and experiment making some fresh fruit/vegetable juices. A good liquid diet ensures that you feel lively throughout the day and helps focus on work in a better manner. 

Eat when hungry

Eat a hearty breakfast to refuel your energies. Photo by Burst/ Pexels

There are times when your tummy tells you that it needs food and you just shut it up and start working again. Don’t ever compromise on your meal time while you are at work, be it office or working from home. Eat well as it keeps you going and provides you with necessary energy to stay alert. Ignoring your meals will only distract you and make it difficult for you to focus. 

Being one of the senior leaders of the company, there are times when I have many meetings during a day and it’s a struggle to juggle between them. I don’t skip my breakfast or lunch for that, in fact I ensure that I have it in time by meeting and hosting a person over a meal. Eat meals at the right time, so that you are able to stay healthy and think healthy. Remember, fuelling yourself is a must to move decisively towards your goals. 

Know when to switch off

This is one of the toughest things to do, especially when you are working from home these days. It’s easier said than done, but it’s very important to maintain work-life balance so that you can give 100 per cent both at work and to your family. Segregating tasks as per priority helps you be more efficient towards the tasks that you intend to complete during the day. Another great way of ensuring all tasks get done is to efficiently delegate and then trust your team to accomplish the tasks. Here one should only be a facilitator, rather than a micromanager. This balance contributes towards your emotional well-being and keeps you energetic, where you look forward to your work for the next day. This also means building great habits around sleep times, where one must try and sleep at a time when one feels tired and sleepy, rather than staring at the mobile screen or even reading a book beyond a certain time. Sleep is the body’s way of recharging. 

Believe in the power of positive thoughts

Think positive. Photo by Brett Sayles/ Pexels

I firmly believe that if you are positive in your thoughts and actions, and you let go of negativity, it can be very liberating. Not only can it help with building a better coping mechanism for the day to day activities, but it can also help you tackle tricky situations better. It is indeed less exhausting to have to overthink a situation, and do with what you can do to change things around and take the positives to move ahead, rather than sit and dissect each scenario and be stuck in the same place, going around in circles. 

Always remember that anger, sadness and negativity sap away maximum energy from an individual, and one ends up not achieving anything. If you can keep them at bay, your energies will remain full for near about the whole day. Remember an engine may have great functioning parts but it’s the sensors or the computer which tells them how to go about their roles, similarly a calm mind will give you clarity towards a fulfilling life. 

These practises which I listed may not sound new to you, but we don’t realise the impact they can have on our daily lives. Most importantly be mindful of what you do, as this will determine your happiness and well-being. Always remember, care starts with oneself and ultimately we earn a living at work, do not forget the living part.

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