Struggling to Achieve Your goals? Guess What, You’re On the Right Track!

Continue moving forward, and let your actions speak for themselves.


I remember performing this task in my dental school, we had to carve each and every tooth shape on small 2-inch wax blocks. You realize how much that worried me in the first place carving 32 teeth each differently shaped on this little piece of wax, I thought about how could I possibly do this for a year, yet then, something fascinating occurred; I started to enjoy it, carving, a one-hour mandatory class made sure our practice was on. Slowly I was more interested in the process, carving every stroke,  Carving the tooth on that wax block was now practically meditative. I wouldn’t realize when the time would pass away, at the point when my educator began lauding me. It was the icing on the cake for me. I am sure something similar might have happened to you in your life? 

So what happened then? Well precisely as I was so involved in carving, I was giving it my best shot without actually thinking about the final result, does that make sense? I had stopped looking at the outcome, as I enjoyed the process so much.  Often the process towards success can feel like a struggle. Well here’s how you can change how you feel using this simple method. 

There’s so much spoken about manifesting and changing how you feel. 

Thoughts are like clouds and feelings are like waves, we can choose to feel the thought we want to manifest.


So in case you’re somebody who is out there to make it all by himself/herself or on the other hand, adulting appears to be exhausting, well, here’s something basic you could apply in your life! 

Struggle = growth, it is the period when the pieces are about to fall into the right place, yet you can’t see the outcomes materializing. You need to continue moving forward and let your actions speak for themselves. The pointers mentioned underneath can assist you with accomplishing your desired outcomes: 

1. Choose what you love to do ( clear your values) 

Take some respite from your busy schedule and analyze what it is that you love the most. Certainly, the answer would take some time to come to you but in the process, you will have gained greater clarity about your values, and about what is your calling. Hence, pick what you love to do and you will fall head over heels for the interaction with your goal! 

2. Detach from the result:

Now, this is vital, listen carefully:

Don’t connect feelings to everything except the objective in itself. Envision your objectives when you feel unsettled or stuck and then move forward again. When you know you are on the right path, make it the most ideal space for you to flourish in! 

3. Continue to Improve: 

Once you have got onto the above two, you essentially just focus on the task at hand, for me, it was every stroke of the tooth carvings, I wanted to improve every step.   This will require you to be absolutely present in the moment, and give your best. When you do this, you begin to perceive how the outcomes are shaping and that they are molding into something even beautiful! 

So I trust these basic hints will help you give that little nudge the right way! You’ll arrive at your destination soon yet I truly trust that you enjoy each and every moment of the journey:)