It All Begins with a Vision

Whether it is personal or professional, the starting point of achieving goals is goal-setting.

Photo by Gurkamal Teja/ Pexels
Photo by Gurkamal Teja/ Pexels

Are you sure where you are going with this? I am sure all of us get asked this question at least once if not more in our lives. “This” can be absolutely anything—about career, business, personal goals that you want to accomplish. The reason for this question though is more important than the question itself, the genesis of this question is due to the “no clarity” state of the questioner and rightfully so, they just don’t see or know what you seem to know.

This “what we seem to know or see” can be broadly described as a vision. 

Why is it called a VISION?

Well, the word is self-descriptive, isn’t it? It anchors itself on the principle of “Begin with the end in mind” made so famous by the legendary Stephen Covey. This “end” is the VISION, something that you alone or a group of people see in all its glory as if it already exists in the physical dimension. So, when you are absolutely clear of what you visualise as a future reality and are drawn to put that into action, you have created a VISION for you and others to reach out to. 

How does having a vision help?

It isn’t just a nice statement to put on a wall in an office or paste on your mirror if it’s personal, it is much more than that. It is in effect your reason for doing anything and everything in alignment with your vision. Sometimes it can get delusional or wishful thinking when the vision exists and your actions are diametrically opposite that. Take, for example, fitness, so many of you have a vision of a fit body (no, not being a supermodel, well, that can be a personal vision for some) and then you hog on sugary treats, never go to the gym or work out more than once or twice in a year, how can you  expect this vision to become a reality?

On the other hand, there are great visionaries who have practically devoted their entire lives for a cause, the freedom fighters had a vision for an independent India, that vision gave them the strength, courage and resilience to go above and beyond so we could live in a free India.

In recent times, I am drawn to mention Elon Musk, who has the vision to colonise Mars. Now isn’t that a crazy vision? Yes, it is to some, but not for him and his team, they have envisaged what life would be like in the future and are taking action now. There are many such examples, they all had a vision, to begin with.

Where can I start?

It all starts in your mind, a powerful tool that we have been gifted with. When you are able to use the mind to define and visualise your own personal vision it will give you an immense power to carry on. Will it be easy to achieve that vision, that is for you to figure out, because if your vision isn’t calling us into action then let me tell you for certain it will be difficult from the word go. 

So, what are you waiting for, get started right away, paint the vision of the future you want to walk into.

Watch this short video about VISION to get some ideas.

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