I Control My Phone, It Doesn’t Control Me

The key to unlock health, wealth and happiness is a healthy lifestyle, reveals the GOQii founder

Focussing on my health and wellness is my second nature now. Every activity I undertake is in some way or the other linked to my health goals. Here are some things that help me:

  • I drink warm water with honey, lemon, turmeric and cinnamon every morning. After this, I stretch and go for a run. I return to exercise some more and finish my morning routine with a 15-minute meditation. My morning routine helps me stay refreshed for the rest of the day.
  • While it is important to be enthusiastic and energetic about your day, it is equally important to know when to hit the pause button. I ensure that I keep my phone away and spend time with kids. Some other activities that I indulge in as a stress buster are high altitude trekking and running, but the best way to recharge is meditation.
  • While we tend to focus on activities that promote a healthy lifestyle, we also need to focus on healthy eating habits. I usually recommend coconut oil (extra virgin cold pressed) to my family and friends. Consuming coconut oil has multiple health benefits and is also good for the skin. Other than this, having a balanced home cooked meal has far more health benefits that any arduous diet plan can ever give you.

The downside of technology

One of the key aspects that can disrupt a person’s healthy routine is constant exposure to messages and communications that create a sense of false urgency.  My phones notifications are usually off and I only check my phone when I am expecting an important communication.

At home my phone is on silent, when I sleep it is kept in another room. Basically, I control my phone and don’t let my phone control me. I usually ignore unnecessary social media posts. While these steps seem simple, they can save us a huge deal of trouble and time.

All this effort leads to the making of a perfect day. For me the best day is when I have no plans and no agenda. The ideal day is one where I control what I am doing.

Job satisfaction and deriving satisfaction out of your actions is of paramount importance. Post selling my last company Indiagames to Disney, I had to overnight make a transition from a start-up to a being corporate executive. For someone who had never worked for anyone as an employee in my life, I was suddenly part of a corporate set-up making plans, reports and following process. This may be super normal for everyone, but I am used to working in CHAOS. I love chaos, ‘Organised Chaos’. So when I was put in a structured environment, I felt burned out.

My ‘good’ habits

You are a sum of all your habits, over a period of several years and I have incorporated several ‘good’ habits in my life:

  • Having good sleep
  • Consuming three to four litres of water
  • Giving up refined sugar
  • Following the practice of gratitude and meditation

These changes I have adopted have enriched my life and my individuality. When you let your mind, body and soul focus on the things which are important to you, your ability to perform increases 100x. You start seeing connections and are able to connect the dots. I believe my habits have helped me Level Up in the game of life.

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- Marcus Aurelius

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