How ‘FEW’ Can Benefit Many

What are the three ingredients necessary for a healthy body and mind?

Photo by Schantalao/ Freepik
Photo by Schantalao/ Freepik

Only the fittest can survive in today’s world. By fittest, I mean not just physical fitness, but am referring to someone who is smart, shrewd, intelligent, or for that matter, possessing anything that makes one reach the pinnacle in whatever one aspires.  It can be someone who is street smart too.  But for all this to happen, the story begins with one’s body and this includes physical fitness, supreme mental abilities, robust health, high energy levels, right focus, and more. 

How does all this happen? One needs to just start loving the self.  Only this will ensure adequate care and periodical maintenance as our body is just another machine. 

How does one do that? Each body part is critical and needs to be at its best at all times to ensure the body works as a well oiled, cohesive unit. Only three things ensure this ongoing process and produce the best guaranteed results—a rejuvenated body.

I call these “FEW”—Food, Exercise and Water. They ensure positive impact in two ways. One, by increasing productivity and two, a strong inspirational message to others with wonderful real life stories of achievement to share.  

Why are these the most important? While food and water are obvious necessities for adequate fuel and hydration, exercise plays the key role of a maintenance engineer.  

Food plays a very critical dual role.  Not only does it take care of the body, it is the main supplier of glucose to the brain. That’s the reason it is imperative to keep blood glucose levels stable. Healthy intake of food provides the necessary stamina to sustain the rigours of day to day life and maintain the required energy levels. 

Exercise benefits not only the body but also the mind with improved health and appetite, toned body, managed weight, increased energy levels and productivity, better sleep….

And the wonders of water are evident in the fact that more than 70 per cent of our body consists of water.  A dehydrated body can impact one in many ways like decreased chemical reactions, lessened sweating, muscle related issues.  

Food, Exercise and Water make an equilateral triangle, supporting each other beautifully. If exercise improves appetite and makes one drink water, proper food and adequate water are a must before and after the exercise. Failing to follow these or even any one of these can give an illusionary sense of comfort, but is definitely a recipe for innumerable health complications as one ages.  Have you had your dose of FEW today?

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