New Normal//

Do You Grapple with Lockdown or Float on Tranquility as You Journey within?

New norms are resetting what we took for granted until recently. So what is your response to the pandemic and the changes it is bringing about?

A new world order is in place as the most immediate fallout of the Coronavirus pandemic. Illustration by Freepik
A new world order is in place as the most immediate fallout of the Coronavirus pandemic. Illustration by Freepik

I got a Whatsapp forward recently with a Louis Vuitton mask advertisement. It was not just a video but an attestation of new world order. Life won’t be the same again, when we step out of the lockdown. New lifestyle, new economy, new health norms, new research topics, new discoveries, new kind of innovations, and many more new things are in the offing. 

We have already witnessed it once in our lifetime. We have known the times when we could accompany people almost till the ramp before they would board a plane. I wouldn’t be surprised if some people in India would claim to have helped their relatives to be seated in the plane. This is unheard of in today’s world. In a similar fashion, we will have some more common practises added to the unheard list very soon. Leaving home without a mask seems very likely one of them, Louis Vuitton or not!

When such drastic things happen, the biggest challenge some people face is to accept them the way they are. Have you seen some people who are as cool as cucumber even in the lockdown while some are constantly worried and anxious? I don’t want to pretend everything is fine but it is equally bad for the whole human race. 

I wanted to know their real inner reasons. I asked some of them the reasons for their anxiety. Some reasons are real and personal while most are vague. In this race to be someone or do something, some people had possibly buried the voice of their conscience or may we say the little inner voice into this worldly cacophony of noise. When they come in face to face with themselves, there is a lot of chatter. They don’t even like the company of the person they love the most, yes, their own self. They want to run away. Does it happen with you?

It is all about the play of thoughts in your mind. Barring some gifted exceptions, the people who are cool during these times have worked upon themselves for quite some time to be the way they are. Their thoughts are what make them who they are? They will hopefully cope up with the new world order with ease. For the rest, nothing is lost. Use rest of the lockdown time and beyond in working on your inner world rather than focusing on the external world. You can’t control anything beyond yourself. So work on yourself. 

Many workplaces are nowadays offering this help to their employees, grab it with both hands. It will help you now and in the days that follow. If you are not that privileged and can’t do it yourself either, seek help from a good professional coach. 

This is also the best time to assess what you have done so far in your life and where do you want to reach, with or without the changed world order? Ask yourself if you continue doing what you are doing, will you reach where you want to? If you see yourself on the right track, congratulations! If you don’t, nothing to worry about, figure out the missing dots. List them down and plan your success in your mind. Then act on it. You will get there.  

Your thoughts will differentiate your today from tomorrow.

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