Dance Away Your Blues, Literally

With lockdown weighing our mind, body and soul down, you can find a fitness fix in something more joyful—dance.

Photo by Yogendra Singh from Pexels
Photo by Yogendra Singh from Pexels

Dance has always been integral to fitness. With the work from home mandate, we are not only restricted in our movements but also indulging in tasty but not so healthy food. All this makes the importance of fitness even more critical. 

Sitting on chairs which are not very suitable for an office environment, leaves us with lower back pains, stiffness in the neck and knees and a compromised posture. Moreover, people who regularly hit the gym are looking for alternatives to help them avoid the sedentary lifestyle. 

With a spike in demand for online fitness classes, this is possible today. This is extremely useful as we are currently socially restricted, which leaves us morose. These classes help in beating depression, mood swings and sadness by providing a vent through dance.

While people stuck at home find it challenging to commit 60-70 minutes to a workout regularly, short burst exercises are gaining increased popularity. A few studies even support the claim that following a 15-20 minute routine at regular intervals in a day is more beneficial than an hour-long workout. Hence, instructors face the challenge of holding the user’s attention for a longer period. 

Although a wide array of fitness-related content is available today, there certainly are limitations. Many are unable to go for physiotherapy sessions or do weight training because of lack of equipment. Dance postures, done correctly, encourage the spine to be stretched out thus reducing the load on the vertebrae. Just by correcting the posture and a few freehand exercises, back and knee pain and stiffness can be taken care of. 

In a pandemic, it is not just the physical health that is compromised but we are also mentally troubled as to what the future holds. We are unable to find a vent by meeting friends or indulging in recreational activities. This seems to be having an adverse effect on people’s mind, leaving them feeling claustrophobic. 

A number of studies and statistics are indicating that the divorce rate has shot up during the lockdown. One way we can avoid it is by engaging couples in some form of activity like dancing, especially in a private class if they are struggling together. Dance acts as a form of therapy and gives them an opportunity to communicate and connect on an intimate level.  

Hence, before one makes difficult decisions, in fact as soon as a couple finds that they are treading on dangerous waters, why not take a chance with a couple of private dance lessons?  While it will patch them up, it will also have a lasting impact on their health and fitness.

Dance has also shown benefits for patients with arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and depression. Though not an alternative to medical attention of these conditions but it surely provides mental support to the patient. It leaves a long-lasting metabolic effect on the body, works on specific internal muscle strength even after you stop working out, boosts the happy hormones to help you remain calm and de-stressed. Ready to put on your dancing shoes?

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