Bringing the Focus Back to Self-Care

Today people want to not just look good on social media but also feel happy and healthy.

Photo by Bruce Mars/ Pexels
Photo by Bruce Mars/ Pexels

Today the wellness market is thriving all over the world because people are not only living longer but want to live better. We don’t want to fall ill. And with the explosion of the wellness market and treatments, resorts and spas, and social media, people are more interested in being fit and healthy and not succumbing to illness. 

Various environmental stressors, food, sedentary lifestyle, sugar, stress, lack of sleep affects the way we function, leading to premature ageing and problems in not only our general health but also skin and hair. Studies have proven the changes in skin like elasticity, dryness, pigmentation, wrinkles and hydration are due to these factors. 

How we fuel our bodies, what nourishment we choose to provide to our bodies play a huge role as evidenced by many scientific studies. Healthy diets and active lifestyles automatically help our system internally to detox and eliminate toxins. 

Chemicals, sunlight, toxins from fertilisers, smoking and alcohol are some of the stressors that create free radicals in our body that destroy the building blocks of life, our DNA. This leads to poorer wound healing, poorer regeneration, ageing and weight gain. Various metabolic diseases, heart diseases, arthritis, food intolerances, poor memory, and dementia also result from the accumulation of toxins. 

The evolvement of genetic studies also shows that this mechanism of damage and disease is actually being transferred over generations to the future generations which is why it’s all the more important to make changes.

Having the right kind of practises, eating the right kind of food also help our ecosystem which in turn aid in slowing down climate change.

Keeping fit is not just about physical activity but one needs to understand the importance of food, adequate sleep, sunlight, reducing stress, consistency and supplementation. Even the right kind of exercise will have a huge impact on feeling good and keeping well.

Modern medicine suggests exercises such as weight training and HIIT (High intensity interval training) as superior to other forms of training. Meanwhile, yoga and meditation have benefits for not just the body but also mind and soul. 

Resorts and wellness havens thrive on providing people with detox therapies, juices, vegetables and fruit and yoga. An expanse of greenery and scenic views also have an impact on the happy hormones. The body resets itself from all the visual and mental impact. 

People today want to feel like the selves their social media projects—happy, beautiful and doing happy things that please them.

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