Are You Designing Your Life the Right Way ?

There are 3 very important steps that can lead to self-discovery.

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Designing your life the way you want it, isn’t this something that all of us root for? We all, at some point in our lives,we all  have visualized what we want our future to look like. At times, the picture could look hazy, even impossible to achieve but remember, you are the only one who could decide for yourself. 

Getting a smile designed is something that is pretty similar to life, don’t you think? You make a decision to change your smile since this particular change would better resonate with your personality and would make you happy. Even in life, when something doesn’t seem to be your calling, you are faced with 2 alternatives: a) Continuing with the old ways and blaming your fate for the same; b) Not living in denial and hence, taking steps to mold your life the way you want it to be. The latter is easier said than done, I agree, however, it is not impossible. More often than not it is the unpleasant experiences that make you realize this is not something you want, and would lead to self-discovery

Self-discovery is an important and probably, an inescapable part of life. It is synonymous with being your defense mechanism, asking you to break free from the clutches of the mundanity that you are currently stuck in. The difference between people who enjoy their work and the people who crib about it all the time is that the former learned what makes them happy and acted upon it while the latter continue to blame their fate. And isn’t it paradoxical to blame your fate? You have been born on this beautiful planet as one of the most advanced and intelligent species, yet, you curse your fate. You are destined to achieve great things in life, however, you will have to first discover yourself and this my friend, is an extenuating task. It won’t be easy and for everyone who is in their 20s, the path to discover yourself has just begun. Along the way, you will come across several instances, several experiences, some pleasant while some leaving a sour taste in your mouth. Together, these different episodes would allow you to discover who you truly are and what it is that gives you the utmost joy. 

To summarize, there are 3 very important steps that can lead to self-discovery:

1. Dig deeper into the unpleasant experiences:

The circumstances that have been unpleasant to you, make a list of them. Through this exercise, you will understand the things that do not make you happy and things that you would want to change in your life. 

2. Identify what makes you happy:

Make a list of all the different things that give you joy. Now, it is important that the things you jot down act as a catalyst to your growth and good health. Bingeing on ice cream or cakes are some of the vices we do enjoy, however, these are not a part of your long-term growth. Hence, prioritization is imminent.

3. Designing your Life:

Now that you are aware of things that make you happy, start building your life around those. Learn how can you repeat those things in your daily life, start doing them more often, and do not make any excuses. Your fate is in your own hands. You are in charge of your life and nobody can ever take that from you ever.