5 Simple Steps to Reboot Your Life This Year

Follow these simple guidelines to embark on your wellness journey in 2020

Photo by Bahaa A. Shawqi from Pexels
Photo by Bahaa A. Shawqi from Pexels

The dawn of a new year is seen as a new beginning, where everything and everyone around you seems to be in expectation of a better life (and rightly so). The “new year, new me” memes, no matter how clichéd, remind us that we are constantly evolving. The evolution may or may not work in our favour, but we always hope to change for the better.

As the new decade begins, there will be many who want to turn over a new leaf and lead a disciplined life. But that’s easier said than done. How do we begin the new journey? Does it have a structured process? What are the tools that will help you channel the change and find new purpose? If you’re searching for answers, read on.

1. Reset your body clock

To begin with a better lifestyle, it’s essential to make changes to habits that are hurting your progress. Start with resetting your body clock. If you’ve been a night owl, an insomniac or just someone with erratic sleep patterns, it’s time to change. Practice sleeping early and follow a schedule where you get at least 6-8 hours of sleep.

2. Feed yourself goodness

A fresh start doesn’t begin by merely changing your environment; the change has to start from within. Even as you reset your body clock, make changes to your diet. Include foods that are high in nutritional value and avoid junk food. This will not only keep you healthy, but will also detox your systems from within.

3. Clear the clutter!

When looking to start a new life, you’ll need to be loaded with determination and positivity in order to experience the change. Practice positive affirmations every day to remind yourself that you’re doing well and will definitely get better. Organising your life and getting rid of clutter in your house, at work, etc. will give you even better results!

4. Practice fitness

Your journey to a fresh start needs both: a strong mind and a healthy body. Yoga and meditation can help here. Yoga is a wonderful practice that strengthens and conditions every part of your body and has flexibility benefits for both the body and mind. The combined effects of regular yoga and meditation practice are elevated awareness levels and better overall quality of life.

5. New year, new goals!

You have decided to transform your life. Good. How do we make it interesting? What’s next? Some individuals need a driving force, an end result to motivate them and get them going. Hence, say a big YES to setting new goals (better ones). It will help you push your limits and bring out unknown qualities within you.

Renewing your life isn’t easy, especially if you have fallen into a pattern that you hate. But where’s the fun in easy tasks? Everything we told you today can help you through your journey. However, what YOU need is a strong will to get started and pursue the journey. So why wait? Get started on your new life. Wishing you only the best this New Year. Happy 2020!

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