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Invest In Yourself//

5 Things That Are Worth Spending Money on, From a Super Frugal Person

by Grow
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When You’re Struggling to Make a Decision, Ask Yourself This Question

by Brent Stoller
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9 Life Lessons I Wish I'd Known at 27

by Kathy Caprino

The Psychological Link Between Trauma And Work Addiction

by Drake Baer
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What to Say Instead of ‘I Know How You Feel’ to Someone Who Is Struggling

by Celeste Headlee
Christian Battaglia via unsplash.com
Time Well Spent//

A Psychotherapist Explains the 4 Unconscious Questions We're Constantly Asking Each Other

by Katherine Schafler

Mentally Strong Kids Have Parents Who Refuse to Do These 13 Things

by Amy Morin
Image courtesy of <a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/sophiadphotography/14506793128/in/photolist-o6V7bU-756gM2-SfPbUo-aUkcDn-ndLJhg-Stvg64-aUk8xk-X98muQ-gJ6NYw-8yAiTX-6BUt6S-6uhcp2-5bcs66-dq2xjr-e21dVv-7bsY6r-RwXfu1-97MRkQ-c7p71w-ehZs63-btiU3v-aUk6hR-8Qh7d2-6oG67K-9sVvtY-6dVQfd-8A3Z7Q-bkF8QX-2pke3t-7xXbJV-5KMJUv-b2qyTB-5KMJUn-cLzMrm-ftGwWK-8oZ7mK-aUk1LM-r7hShg-d1fXnd-5U2Hof-m6AhLv-7Cycuq-dBwtDf-4UzNg9-2k63ee-aUk2nD-7ZnpXt-aUk3d8-8pDfVR-65Ppbb">Flickr</a>.

5 Things That Psychology Says Predicts Divorce

by Drake Baer
Image Credit of Ishika Kamal

12 Things You Should Stop Doing If You Want To Raise An Awesome Kid

by Piyush Kamal

3 Compromises You Should Never Make in a Relationship

by Guy Winch
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Learn These 6 Lessons in Your 20s and Your Future Self Will Thank You

by Nicolas Cole
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The One Word That Can Hurt Your Reputation at Work, According to a Google and Apple Alum

by Ellen Petry Leanse