Valentine Bulliard and Christoph von Toggenburg

Two lovers on a dream journey

Valentine and Christoph are both Swiss but citizen of the world. They have both worked and lived in different countries around the globe.

Valentine Bulliard is a multilingual Swiss lawyer with experience in corporate private, public law and litigation. She has worked for international companies and law firms and currently is a Lawyer working for the Swiss Government. She led and initiated international camps for differently abled in Lebanon. For her humanitarian work she was recently decorated.

She has co-founded and lead International Development Programs for disabled people in Europe and the Middle East and continues to do social work. She advocates for the rights of disabled and less advantaged people.

She is a passionate adventurer and loves playing the violin.

Christoph von Toggenburg has been working for nearly a decade in his life in conflict zones all over the world with the UN and International Red Cross. He has initiated global fundraising expeditions such as Bike for Help and Alegria for which he received many international decorations and awards. Christoph is the CEO of the Colour the World Foundation, spoke at TEDx and is a World Economic Forum Global Leadership Fellow.He has three Master’s degrees including Arts, International Relations and Global Leadership.

They are getting married in May 2019.
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Here’s How Love, a Sabbatical, Helping Others Changed Our Lives

by Valentine Bulliard and Christoph von Toggenburg