Swati Sudhakaran

Policy Consultant, Lover of All Dogs and Self-Proclaimed Foodie

Swati Sudhakaran is currently working as a policy consultant at a global communications firm in New Delhi.   She is a Journalism graduate from Delhi University and holds a Master's in Public Policy. Mallu girl, born and brought up in the National Capital. She loves to be rattled and bewildered by Indian politics.  She can eat anything that walks (no, not cannibalistic - not yet) and has taken upon her life's mission to embark on a food adventure every now and then. In the Era of Information, she is one of the millennial victims of information overload but also one of the rare ones not on Insta!

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A seedling grows into a plant only after braving the elements. The stoics would tell you that there is no better way to journey through life. Photo by Freepik
New Normal//

About Stoically Braving the Odds to Emerge Stronger

by Swati Sudhakaran
Photo: Fauxels/ Pexels

Why Leaders Should Pay Attention to Generational Intelligence at Work

by Swati Sudhakaran
Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels

How Millennials, Gen Z-ers Are Redefining the Notion of Work

by Swati Sudhakaran
View of the beautiful backwaters of Kerala. Photo by Pixabay

Tracing Morsels to Backwater Re‘treats’

by Swati Sudhakaran
The writer finds true happiness wafting from the aroma of the variety of fare that Old Delhi has to offer, choosing the madness around to centre within. Photo by Pixabay

Recipe for Calm in the Chaos

by Swati Sudhakaran