Raghav Himatsingka

Serial Entrepreneur and Founder

Raghav Himatsingka a third-time entrepreneur and the Founder of Raising Superstars, a company that is on a mission to transform the lives of parents across the world through prolific education and holistic development for their children. The company's first product is called The Prodigy Baby, which promises to awaken the unconscious genius of babies, through a step-by-step system of simple exercises that can be done by parents at home without pressures of homeworks, worksheets or any screentime for the child. Raghav is an alumnus of Stanford University, and is the former Founder & CEO of Truckola Technologies.
Both a disciplinarian and a perfectionist, Raghav studied Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech where he graduated with Highest Honors, finishing a 4-year degree course in just 3 years. He then went on to pursue his Masters in Management Science & Engineering from the revered Stanford University before he came back to India to join his family business in 2009. He started his career by joining his family business, Ideal Movers, where he started and managed businesses of over $20M annually on his own. He then went on to start Truckola Technologies - a tech logistics company – where he served as the founder and CEO.
However, he was excited about the opportunity to make a lifetime impact in the lives of millions of babies around the world, and with that in mind, he founded The Prodigy Baby by Raising Superstars.
His love for adrenaline and adventure has led him to travel 60+ countries in all 7 continents including Antarctica, Longyearbyen, Masai Mara, Puerto Rico, New Zealand, and more. He is extremely passionate about movies, photography, sports, mentoring young graduates, and current affairs.
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We Have Badly Messed up Modern Parenting… Here’s Why

by Raghav Himatsingka