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Niraalee Shah is the founder of Image Building and Etiquette Mapping India. After becoming a certified international etiquette trainer with The British School of Etiquette (TBSE) in London, England, Niraalee decided to share the training, vision and mission of TBSE with India. She then partnered with TBSE to set up The British School of Etiquette India. As the CEO of TBSE India, Niraalee aims to extend her wealth of knowledge to corporates and organizations globally in pan India who wish to acquire the skills and confidence to radiate positive energy and engage their peers, to achieve personal and professional success, thus creating a brand that impacts lives.

As a Brand Strategist, Internationally Certified Trainer and Consultant, Niraalee Shah works alongside entrepreneurs, corporate houses and independent professionals to achieve striking innovation and development at all fronts. Niraalee Shah helps corporates, organizations and individual professionals to help embrace change and achieve breakthrough performance. Her work is testimony to the fact that every minute change creates significant impact:

* The impact of brand recognition and recall

* The impact of enhanced customer experience

* The impact of improved team performances

* The impact of profitable enterprise

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