Eika Chaturvedi Banerjee

Corporate leader & lifelong hyper learner


Eika is a CEO in one of India’s biggest business groups. Post her FMS MBA & banking career, she enriched herself constantly, pursuing courses from Yale and Emergenetics—Singapore while obtaining certifications to become a Mythologist and an Executive Coach.

Eika has a radio segment called “Uncommon Sense”, where she shares learnings from ancient Indian wisdom which can be applied in our everyday lives.

Along with her husband Siddharth, Eika intends to share the #52RedPills journey via a publisher-backed book and a video series with one minute Wisdom Pills.

The duo gives back to the community passionately, especially in the field of “Education of The Girl Child”.

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Insights from a 52-Week Hyper Learning Journey to Become More Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

by Eika Chaturvedi Banerjee, Siddharth Banerjee