Dr Divya Parashar

Clinical Psychologist & Wellness Mentor


Dr. Divya Parashar is a solopreneur who started her own private practice in clinical and rehabilitation psychology. She headed the Dept. of Psychology at Indian Spinal Injuries Centre, New Delhi, prior to setting off on her own journey. She has been working for over two decades, helping clients move towards achieving a state of wellbeing and purposeful living, armed with empathy, compassion, and her clinical tools. She works with individuals (across a spectrum of people with traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries to those facing a range of mental health issues) and corporates, infusing her twin mantras of mindfulness and empathy into everyday living and thriving. She's an accomplished researcher in the field of rehabilitation psychology for people with spinal cord injury, a published writer in popular newspapers on topics of mental health and fitness, an active blogger, and an avid marathoner.

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Mental Health//

Freedom is… When You Have Nothing Left to Lose

by Dr Divya Parashar
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Corona Warriors//

Five Life Lessons to Learn from Our Corona Warriors

by Dr Divya Parashar
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Corona Warriors//

Tear Down the Wall

by Dr Divya Parashar