Avinash Mansukhani (Fight The Sunrise)

Fitness consultant and transformation specialist


Avinash Mansukhani is a Fitness Consultant and Transformation Specialist. He believes in a sustainable way of living and helps you reach your health goals keeping in mind your lifestyle, injuries, allergies and food restrictions, without making you give up on the foods and exercises you love. Having undergone a major transformation himself without having to ever give up on carbs, sugar, alcohol and having his clients to do the same he believes he understands all the tools and tricks to deal with different body types and help you enjoy your fitness journey. "No quick fixes, no magic, just a little dedication and patience. If you can’t do it everyday it’s not worth it."

An Engineer by qualification, he entered the tech space early on and sold his first company that then saw him lead digital marketing and technology development in some of the biggest MNC's winning a plethora of awards along the way. While this life took a toll on his health he decided to start his fitness journey and taught himself along the way experimenting with different workout genres and nutrition guidelines to enable his 30 kg drop and achieve that unattainable 6 pack. His passion led him to switch over to the fitness industry where he flourished as Country Manager for a global fitness tech giant. Noticing that the intent to get fit was abundant in India but there was a void in the fitness industry when it came to education, he quit his job and dove back into the entrepreneurial pool to start his fitness consultancy and share his knowledge with you.

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Why Women Should Lift Weights

by Avinash Mansukhani (Fight The Sunrise)