Arjun Agarwal

Arjun Agarwal


With a Bachelor’s and Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering from the prestigious Stanford University, California, Arjun Agarwal has around 10 years of experience in allied fields. Prior to his journey as the CEO of Cinerama, Arjun worked as a software engineer at Arista Networks, a Cloud Networking company. Apart from architecting and writing software, Arjun also spent time working on recruiting, program management and software release management.

In 2013, Arjun took over Cinerama, as the CEO marking his interests in what his father, Mr. Sanjay Agarwal, had built over the years. Cinerama had diversified into home cinema under the retail brand Cinebels. Since then, Arjun has been actively involved in every phase of the business and aims to set a benchmark by making Cinebels, one of the most market-oriented brands that will change the aspect of lifestyle homes in India. Under Arjun’s leadership, Cinebels has expanded from having a primarily southern and western footprint to the leading home cinema brand pan-India, and Klipsch and Jamo, the speaker brands that Cinebels represents, have become leaders in every market in India today.

Though Arjun did his school and college degrees in engineering, he has always been extremely passionate about music and entertainment. He attributes this to growing up surrounded by music and movies as his family had been in the professional cinema industry for decades. He says, “Home cinema and high-end audio are businesses of passion. At the end of the day, no one needs a home cinema or fancy speakers – people buy them out of love for movies and music. It becomes easy for me to lead an organization, connect with our team, and with our customers, as we all carry the same enthusiasm and speak the same language. India is a rapidly growing market, and with lifestyle homes increasing at the rate they are, the opportunity provided by our business and the market makes it a very exciting time to be in our business”

Arjun is an avid reader and art collector. Music and art, both hobbies of passion go hand in hand. Arjun has been collecting art over the last few years, and he has already built up a collection about which he laughingly says, “The only space I left at home now to hang new paintings are the ceilings. Now I’ve been told I need to either reduce the number of paintings at home – or the number of speakers!”

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