Anusha Singh

Creative Non-fiction Writer and Former Lawyer

Anusha Singh ( is a creative non-fiction writer. She is a columnist with Thrive Global India. Her narratives on life’s nuances stemming from her personal experiences and opinion pieces on gender appear at Hindustan Times, The Hindu, The Tribune, The Speaking Tree, International News and Views Corporation, Jaipur Literature Festival, and Women’s Web. Over the last decade, she has worked as a lawyer in High Courts and PricewaterhouseCoopers, and business editor cum client services head at a corporate communications consultancy. She believes there is immense beauty in simplicity and extraordinary moments of unassuming happiness, gratitude, and calm in the ordinariness of everyday life.

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Snow and Rain with the author. Photos courtesy Anusha Singh

A Story of Hope and Compassion

by Anusha Singh
Photo by Pixabay

Sensorial Joys of Buying Greens from the Vegetable Seller

by Anusha Singh
Predator and prey in one frame at Maasai Mara. Photos by Anuj Mukherjee, co-founder Wild Voyager

How My Views on ‘Predator’ and ‘Prey’ Changed with a Visit to Maasai Mara

by Anusha Singh
The writer with her husband. Photograph courtesy: Anusha Singh
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When Domestic Chores Are Not ‘Load’

by Anusha Singh